Our Team

The members of NEST have a huge collective experience in the field of earth education, environmental education, biodiversity conservation and environmental management. The range of skills and experience ensure inspiring delivery of some of the most effective programmed responses to sustainable living available to date.

Directors: Phil Macari, Bruce Ferguson and Sarah Capes

Committee: Phil Macari (Chair), Jim Grant, Rebecca Gibbs, Bruce Ferguson, Alene Jauncey, John Allom, Sarah Capes, Liz Beech, Sarah Smith.

Main activity delivery team

Bruce Ferguson has been sharing his interest in the natural world and the environment with young and old alike for 28 years. Working as a professional naturalist and environmental educator since 1985 he is a knowledgeable and skilled environmental interpreter as well as a qualified biologist. He has been a working Associate of the Institute for Earth Education since 1989 and has been delivering earth education programmes both residentially and non-residentially since then.

Jim Grant works in environmental education and interpretation, after many years as a primary school teacher and adviser in inner city schools and nature parks. Jim now also specialises in using living history and story experiences to heighten our awareness of the natural world and our dependence upon the natural environment.

Phil Macari
has been earth educating and ‘earth learning’ since 1990, and is current chair and co-director of NEST. He has a BSc Environmental Studies, is a full member of the Institute for Ecological and Environmental Managers and has 27 years of practical nature conservation, community/personal development and interpretation experience, but is still as fresh as a daisy. He knows earth education is an effective way to develop thoughtful, caring and useful ‘environmental citizens’.

Liz Beech
has over 20 years experience as an environmental education practitioner in a country park and community farm setting. However, her initial training was in Fine Art and so creativity, practicality and visual awareness play a natural and important part in her approach to being and sharing in the outdoors.

Sarah Smith is the newest member of NEST. She has been engaging children with nature since 2008. Her love of earth education began as a volunteer on Sunship Earth in Northumberland where she realised the power of this style of education to engage the head, hands and heart. As a qualified geography teacher and permaculture enthusiast, she aims to introduce children to the natural systems that sustain us. As a lover of nature, she aims to connect them to its beauty and wonder.