The Earth Education Approach

Earth education is an approach developed by the Institute for Earth Education and in use world wide for over 30 years in programmes such as Earthkeepers and Sunship Earth. It is the process of helping people live more harmoniously and joyfully with the Earth and its life. Earth education deals with basic ecological concepts, the big picture of life rather than with the minutia – names and labels etc. It works on developing feelings, caring about the natural world of which we are a part. It also focuses on our own personal impact on the systems of life, making changes in the way we use energy and materials.

Earth Education Programmes

An earth education programme is a carefully crafted series of highly engaging learning experiences that focus on the goals of earth education. All programmes strongly support the National Curriculum across several subjects. There are clear, focused activities with specific outcomes in any earth education programme:
Conceptual encounters: these teach the key ecological concepts that support life on Earth such as energy flow, cycles and inter-relationships.
Immersing activities: to help participants explore the natural world through activities which encourage plenty of rich, direct contact with nature, breaking down barriers and developing personal feelings for the natural world.
Personal action: to encourage personal, positive action to live sustainably through life style choices. All conceptual encounters and programmes have a strong personal message about human impacts on the environment.
The underlying principle is that if someone understands (conceptual encounters) how things work and how we impact upon the natural world, cares for and appreciates the natural world around them (immersing activities) then they will readily take positive personal action to live sustainably.

Earth Magic

Munchline monitorsThis is our new programme designed for Y3 and Y4 classes. The programme involves one concept discovery day away from school followed by a term or more of follow up work to complete the programme. The children are invited to discover the lost meaning of the magic word WASSAP that makes Earth Magic work properly. Along the way they find out about the air cycle, water cycle, soil cycle and how food chains work. They discover the impact human activities are having on these planetary life support systems and explore ways of putting things right. More programme information.

Sunship Earth

This is a five day residential programme packed with magical learning adventures. Their discoveries give children a better understanding of the natural world and their responsibilities as passengers on our planet. During their stay children must try to break a secret code to discover how life works on Earth (EC DC IC A). The activities are designed to assist children's understanding of the natural world and how it works. They include:Learning about photosynthesis

Becoming spies inside a giant leaf to uncover the secrets of photosynthesis

Setting the table at Mr. Sun's Restaurant to reveal food chains

Joining the Sun's Bucket Brigade as clouds to unravel the mysteries of the water cycle

The emphasis is on developing understandings and feelings of care and respect for the natural world.

Earth Keepers

Connection inspectionA programme of three days of exciting and adventurous outdoor activities that emphasise energy flow, the cycling of materials and the inter-relatedness of all life. During these three days the children earn two keys which open two special chests that reveal the first two secret meanings of the mysterious character, E.M. These three days are followed by tasks at home and school to earn their final two keys which open the final two chests to reveal the last two secret meanings E.M.