Bush School 

Suitable for Y5 to Y11

Your light airplane has crash landed in dense forest hundreds of miles from civilisation. You have no food, medicine, shelter or matches to light a fire. How will you survive? Working as part of a team you will solve the problems and hopefully get to live!

Bush School can be run over two half day visits or as a more intensive full day with 6 hours of survival action. Depending on age of pupils an adult is needed with each of the four or five teams.

Heal and eat

1) Which doctor? (1.5 hours)

You have problems. Someone was injured in the crash and has a gaping wound, several other people are ill with diarrhoea, someone has a bad mouth infection, one has a bad cold, someone else has stomach pains and you’ve got a head ache with all the worry! Collect the plants you need and prepare the medicines to treat the problems you face.

2) Bush tucker (1.5 to 2 hrs)

Bush walkabout - check out the tucker on offer
Plant tucker – make a salad
Bug tucker – a bug hunt with a difference!

Stay dry, keep warm

3) Stay dry (1.5 hrs)

The plane blew up and burnt to bits just after you all got out of it and it is raining. You need a dry place to sleep. Your task is to build a water and weather proof survival shelter using only the natural materials you can find in the forest.

4) Keep warm (1.5 hrs)

You haven’t any matches but you find a box with some bits and pieces in that may help. Can you work out how to make fire using the contents?

Bush School Copyright Wild North Discovery 2012

Alternatively we can run any aspect of bushcrafts that you would like to focus on. Please talk to us about what you'd like to do.