A series of fun sensory experiences which explore the natural world from completely different perspectives using a variety of the senses. Y1 - Y6

Seasonal Tale    

The children collect special effects from the natural world around them to participate in a seasonal story. The fun lies in the telling of the tale which involves blindfolds, trust and plenty of excitement. Y3 - Y6

Magic Spots 

This is probably one of the children’s favourite activities; it involves listening and silence! The children find themselves a comfortable spot far enough apart to feel they have their own space in the natural world. As they sit nature starts to settle down around them and things start to happen that they wouldn’t normally notice.Y3 - Y6

Micro Parks 

This activity explores the miniature world at our feet. Each child lays out a nature trail in their own nature park but it is only 30cm in diameter. Once they’ve created their nature trail they take visitors on guided tours.
Y3 - Y6

Map Sticks 

The native peoples of North America didn’t use maps they used a stick and attached things to it that people would find along the journey to help guide them. The children take a walk creating a map stick as they go. They swap map sticks and see if they can find the things on their new sticks on the return journey.Y3 - Y6    


At different positions and angles round a tree the children come up with words to describe it. They then create a poem using the words. Some wonderful poetry has come out of this activity. Y3 - Y6