Forest Schools

Forest Schools comprises a set of six half day sessions and offers a cumulative and in-depth educational experience. They are aimed at personal development and experiential, child led learning through exploration, play and discovery. Forest Schools activities are suitable for a wide range of primary ages, particularly early years, and can be tailored to suit the needs of the group/class. (Reception & KS1)

Example sessions could be:

Getting to know the site: boundaries, finding each other, collecting/exploring.

Seeing our place in a new way: sensory activities to explore the area.

Art and crafts: Creative expression and reflections on the natural setting.

Home: shelter, warmth food. Looking at what the animals and plants need to survive and prosper here, shelter building, using tools.

Manual skills: using more advanced tools for whittling/creating, making things for our area.

Celebration: food, fire and activities to draw together the week. Can include inviting parents/carers to join to see and share the experience with the children.