Conceptual Encounters KS2

The Great Spec-tackle 

Ecological Concept: The cycles of air, water and soil

The children find out about the building blocks of life and how they are used over and over again in cycles. They follow the crazy journeys of a water speck (molecule), a soil speck and an air speck to find out what’s going on. During the adventure they even get to pinch a speck from a real dinosaur between their fingers.

Munch Line Monitors 

Ecological Concept: Energy Flow

The concept of energy flow comes to life at Mother Nature’s Munch Room as the children undertake training to become Munch Line Monitors. They discover what a munchline (food chain) is and how it works. They also discover that some munchlines are in trouble. Their job once qualified is to look out for munchlines in trouble and see if they can help put them right.

Connection Inspection

Ecological Concept: Interrelationships

Every plant and every animal is linked in a web of life through energy flow and the cycles of air, water and soil. The children build the web of life becoming part of it; they then discover that when one part of the web is damaged it has an effect on all the other parts.

Home Sweet Home

Ecological Concept: Community

All things live in a natural community with other living things. Each plant or animal has a job to do as well as a home there. They can only live where they can find all the things they need for life. Each child adopts the role of a member of a natural community perhaps
becoming a web footed bug bagger; they get its job description and its special needs. There are three communities: forest, field and marsh. Once they’ve worked out which one they live in a problem is discovered; the marsh has turned into a field. What will happen to the marsh dwellers? In a life or death court room drama they examine the evidence presented and decide the fate of each according to its needs.

Time Capsules

Ecological Concept: Change

The children take out a “treasure” map to find nine “buried” time capsules. They open them to discover ammonites, dinosaurs, woolly mammoths and much more going back to the dawn of life. The contents of each box form a layer in the Earth’s past; the children work out and place the contents of their capsules in the correct level on the time capsule shelves which finally reveals how life and the Earth has changed and is continuing to change.